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I was playing music before I was walking. My parents handed me a set of kitchen utensils and before long, I was having my first drum lesson. I was six years old when I received my first proper drums lesson and eight years when I found my first Digital Audio Workstation (Dance Ejay).


At the age of nine, I performed on stage for the first time and set myself a goal of making my own great music. Since then, I’ve become a self taught producer / sound artist and create music daily.


I’ve always used music to describe an inner feeling.

It allows me to express myself in ways which words can not. Each song presents a different theme or topic which I can explore. This explains why I release songs in a variety of genres. Music is a tool that I use for escapism and helps realise my inner self.



What I love about music the most, is the way it takes you out of this world.

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